Thank You, Neal Boortz! – An Open Letter to “The Talkmaster”

This was a letter directed at Neal Boortz after a post endorsing Republicans at all costs, originally published at Dear Neal, Since 1993, you have been sharing with Atlanta listeners your brand of libertarianism on WSB Radio, eventually becoming syndicated to reach over 5 million talk radio listeners nationwide each day. For those of us who have listened to you since 1993, your post on on Good Friday about your thoughts on a “third party” came as no surprise, and the Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to thank you for going on record so early in this electi...

I Am Not A Conservative

This was originally published on United Liberty. A few weeks ago, I went to see “An American Carol” with high hopes for an atypical Hollywood film. It reinforced something I have been working on. When you look at the spectrum of topics I have written about, I am difficult to pigeon-hole by the average American. The two-party system forces people to consider politics in a linear manner, one is either a conservative Republican on the “right” or a liberal Democrat on the “left,” with no room for anything else. Interestingly, most Americans are not able to fit their beliefs into one of those tw...