Thank You, Neal Boortz! – An Open Letter to “The Talkmaster”

This was a letter directed at Neal Boortz after a post endorsing Republicans at all costs, originally published at

Dear Neal,

Since 1993, you have been sharing with Atlanta listeners your brand of libertarianism on WSB Radio, eventually becoming syndicated to reach over 5 million talk radio listeners nationwide each day. For those of us who have listened to you since 1993, your post on on Good Friday about your thoughts on a “third party” came as no surprise, and the Libertarian Party of Georgia would like to thank you for going on record so early in this election year, one that is likely to be painted with stories of incumbents retiring, fighting off primary challengers, and battling upstart candidates down to the wire on election day, with your rhetoric about “The Party of Big Government.”

Every election, we wait for your October stumping for the Republican wing of “The Party Of Big Government,” but you have done us many favors by announcing in April that you believe in furthering the statist quo (no that’s not a typo), by showing your support in perpetuating the “lesser of two evils” myth.

I believe with every fiber of my being that the survival of our Republic is dependent on removing as many members of the Democrat Party from the Congress as possible. The Party of Big Government must be removed from power. I’m not at all confident that America could survive another two years of Democratic control.

You are right, Neal. The Party of Big Government must be removed from power, but you suggest to your listenership to ignore those of us that ACTUALLY believe in smaller government, lower taxes, and more freedom in favor of the wing that you admit has “been a huge disappointment,” Big Government’s Republican wing. For years, both the Democratic and Republican wings of the Big Government Party have perpetuated that statist quo (again, not a typo) myth that only one of them can “fix” things that the “other guys” screwed up. Each election, those promises are made and subsequently broken. For example:

They [Republicans] vastly expanded government size and spending during the years they ran the show. They promised to get rid of the Department of Education. Instead, they doubled it’s [sic] size. Not good. The Republicans say they’ve learned their lesson. Have they?

Have they, Neal? After “vastly expand[ing] government size and spending,” has the 3 years and a couple months away from majority control of the legislature or the year and a couple months of being without executive power really changed them? The faces are still the same…. Boehner (10th term), McConnell (5th term), Kyl (3rd term), and Cantor (5th term) were all in office during the years that Republicans “vastly expanded government size and spending.” They are the leadership team that is supposed to stop the Democrats from “destroying economic liberty”?

To wrap up, thank you for starting to stump for the Republicans earlier than normal this year. We fully expect you to be back at being your most libertarian on November 3rd, the day AFTER the midterm election.


Brett Bittner

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